About Feather River Country

About The Feather River Country Website

Several branches of the Feather River run through Plumas County, California. The river got its original name, “el Rio de las Plumas,” from the Spanish explorer Luis Antonio Arg├╝elo. The abundance of birds and water fowl in the area was the inspiration. “El Rio de las Plumas” was converted to its English form, “Feather River,” possibly beginning with the pioneers and gold miners who came to the area during the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800s.

The Mountain Maidu and Konkow Maidu peoples lived in Plumas County for about a thousand years before white settlers came. The Maidu tribes believe the land, water, trees, and air are communal property. Today’s modern settlers have various rights and deeds to the land, water and trees of Feather River Country, but we remain a close knit, sometimes even communal collection of communities. Our people have a love affair with life in the Sierra-Nevada mountains, our many lakes and streams, the Feather River itself and our forests and high deserts.

Our Mission at FeatherRiverCountry.com

The mission of the Feather River Country website is to be a valuable resource to visitors and residents alike. Its more than 2,600 square miles of land and water ranks #22 in area, yet only #51 in population of the 58 counties in California. With only 20,000+ people, Plumas County must work smarter to become the #1 travel and recreation destination. The Feather River Country website was created to help foster that dream.

Like the Maidu tribes that came before us, we must also work together for the support and success of each other. We have many groups and organizations that do valuable work for its members. A priority in our mission is to be an asset to those organizations and to all of our communities, businesses and to the people of Plumas County.

The Features of FeatherRiverCountry.com

The Feather River Country website has much to offer the Internet user, whether you are from outside our pristine area, or living in our own communities.

  • Articles about Life & Leisure in Plumas County – adventures, relaxing resorts, exciting sports & recreation, community events, local history and first-person stories about Feather River Country.
  • An extensive source of information for local government agencies & services, educational opportunities, shopping, health care, media and entertainment.
  • Detailed information on community events, from recreational to political, from educational to competitive. Search by category, community or date.

How Are We Doing?

We need your feedback. Comment on our articles, submit articles of your own. Send us email and let us know what we are doing right and what we can do to make it better. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, contact the webmaster. We will respond to all. Come, be a part of Feather River Country – the website and The Best Place On Earth.