Plumas County Talks: Community Forums

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Community ForumsYears ago, I created community forums where anyone who lived in Plumas County, or wanted to, or just visited here once in a while could discuss anything and everything about Plumas County. It was a website called It was just a little while later that I thought to change the domain name to – the link to which you followed to get to this article. I was pretty new to website development and managing forums, although I worked as support staff on several forums for many years before that. So, life happened and I dropped the ball and the Plumas County Community Forums was shut down after about a year. But I still own the domains and I have way more experience running forums than I did back then (more…)

Community Connections

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Plumas Rural Services’ Community Connections…
        it’s about time

by Leslie Wall
hour glassPlumas County has an innovative, non-traditional program to strengthen families, support aging seniors, and meet the needs of their communities. The program is called Community Connections, and it is based on the international concept of Time Banking.

Community Connections is a membership volunteer program where Members exchange services with each other – all Members and services are equal – one hour of service always earns one time credit (more…)

Open Door Policy

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The Open Door Policy of Plumas County

If you have a successful business, you know that your success is tied to your promotion of that business. Those promotions sometimes take the form of a campaign. It might be as simple as a clothing store advertising a “Winter Coverup” or a lumber business featuring a “Build on Experience” promotion. Local ad media may even develop a campaign that brings community business together for a campaign slogan that encompasses many businesses, like a “Shop Local” campaign.

The Feather River Country website might be new, but Feather River Country – Plumas County – is not. And we have a problem. (more…)

Welcome to Feather River Country

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Plumas County, California Is Feather River Country

Play Here – Work Here – Live Here – Learn Here

mapThank you for finding your way here. Now let us show you why Plumas County is where you want to be. If you are planning a vacation, looking for that perfect fishing hole, golf course or art exhibit, you’ll find it in Feather River Country. If you are considering retirement in the mountains or high desert or looking for a new location for your business, you have come to the right place. It’s all right here in Feather River Country.

We have pet friendly communities, friendly people, educational opportunities, historic buildings, great wildlife and four absolutely beautiful seasons to share with you. You may even decide to stay here, live here and raise your family here – and then invite your friends and family to visit you here in Feather River Country. Plumas County has an open door policy here and we look forward to your visit. (more…)

Internet Presence

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What Do You Know About Having An Internet Presence?

For the last few months there has been discussion about a website to market tourism for Plumas County. The county budget for this endeavor was cut to the quick and the funding for an existing website was turned off. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was a bit confused about all this, but maybe my confusion was a bit different than yours (assuming you are a resident of Plumas County and even know what I’m talking about).

Apparently, at one time, there was a tourism marketing budget of nearly a quarter of a million (more…)