Bargain Boutique

Plumas District Hospital Volunteers

Those who can, do. Those can do more, volunteer.

Bargain BoutiqueMore than 100 members support the goal of the Volunteers to raise funds for the benefit of Plumas District Hospital and its patients.

Founded in 1978, the Volunteers have donated equipment to the hospital valued in the many hundreds of thousands of dollars. The PDH Volunteers are women and men who live in the hospital district, which extends from Sloat, near the eastern side of the county, to Belden, down the Feather River Canyon.

Bargain Boutique, Fine Thrift & Gifts

This unique shop is the major fundraiser of the Volunteers. They have an open door policy year-round, 11am to 4pm, Tuesday through Saturday. On the First and Second Saturday each month, almost everything is priced 50% off.

Every shift that a Volunteer works in the store helps the organization raise money to support the hospital.

Visit the Bargain Boutique facebook page to get an early-bird look at some of the newly donated merchandise. Shop at the store, located at 405 West Main Street, Quincy, California. Bring your donations during business hours too – your donations are tax deductible.

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  1. Jim, The PDH Volunteers and Bargain Boutique, Fine Thrift & Gifts, are proud to be included in your new website. You are doing a fine job with it! Thanks for doing this project that is positive energy for Plumas County!

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