Community Connections

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Plumas Rural Services’ Community Connections…
        it’s about time

by Leslie Wall
hour glassPlumas County has an innovative, non-traditional program to strengthen families, support aging seniors, and meet the needs of their communities. The program is called Community Connections, and it is based on the international concept of Time Banking.

Community Connections is a membership volunteer program where Members exchange services with each other – all Members and services are equal – one hour of service always earns one time credit (more…)

The Horton Committment

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Ron & Stephanie Horton: Committed To Their Community

by Stephanie Horton

Horton Tire/Les SchwabWe have been in the tire business since the 1970s; Ron began in 1974 and myself in 1977. Both of us grew up here in Quincy, stayed and raised our family here and are committed to our community. Those of you that come through our doors are our friends and family, so we know how important it is to take the best care of your vehicle needs.

We have owned and operated Horton Tire Center/Les Schwab’s Quincy location since 1999. Prior to that, (more…)

The Cathouse in Quincy

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Plumas Animal Welfare Society – the CATHOUSE in Quincy

PAWSThe Plumas Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a private, non-profit cat rescue organization founded in 1999. It was established by a Plumas County resident concerned with the life, health and welfare of felines in and around Quincy, California and all over Plumas County.

With the cooperation of Plumas County Animal Control (more…)

Coldwell Banker Pioneer Realty

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Coldwell Banker Pioneer Realty, In Historic Stephan’s House

We Have an Open Door Policy at 314 West Main Street, Quincy, California

Coldwell Banker Pioneer RealtyColdwell Banker Pioneer Realty is the oldest real estate office serving the needs of Quincy and the surrounding area, from the Feather River Canyon to Bucks Lake, Meadow Valley and east to Cromberg & Sloat. Originally called Pioneer Realty, it was established in the late 50’s where it was located in the “Old Plumas County Bank Building” on Main St. At that time, it was one stop shopping where you could buy your piece of real estate and get a loan all under the same roof. Later, Pioneer Realty relocated to the historic “Bell Building,” also on Quincy’s Main Street.

In 1995 Pioneer Realty was acquired by (more…)

Bargain Boutique

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Plumas District Hospital Volunteers

Those who can, do. Those can do more, volunteer.

Bargain BoutiqueMore than 100 members support the goal of the Volunteers to raise funds for the benefit of Plumas District Hospital and its patients.

Founded in 1978, the Volunteers have donated equipment to the hospital valued in the many hundreds of thousands of dollars. The PDH Volunteers are women and men who live in the hospital district (more…)

Ayoob’s Inc. of Quincy

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Ayoob’s Inc. – Main Street Styles

Ayoob'sAyoob’s has a long history of family business in Plumas County. Now known as Ayoob’s Inc., Main Street Styles, it is still a family run business in Quincy, across from the Court House. Owners, Charlotte and Ashley, have operated the clothing store since 2007. Remodeled and revived, the store carries a number of brand-name merchandise for the stylish woman and the well dressed man of all ages.

Charlotte and Ashley also stock a quality selection (more…)

Whitehawk Ranch

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Whitehawk Property Services

One Team, One Company, One Call

WHRPS logoWhitehawk Ranch is a planned development. This Development lies at an approximate elevation of 4,500 feet in the southern section of the beautiful Mohawk Valley in Plumas County, California. From its inception, Whitehawk Ranch has been planned to rigid environmental specifications and the highest design and quality standards. The Golf Club won the prestigious Golf Course Writer’s Association Environmental Award in 1997, as well as recently being rated #11 in the state by Golf Digest Magazine. Our development approach has always been to enhance the intrinsic beauty of the land with sensitive planning in design, thereby protecting the unique, natural environment so conducive to an invigorating yet (more…)

Plumas Life

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Living The Good Life In Plumas County

I have lived in various towns in Plumas County Since 1957. For the most part, it has been a wonderful life. The economy has suffered here, as it has the rest of the world of late. But every time I look out my window, glide down a street or follow the road along our Feather River and through our Sierra-Nevada mountain range, I can’t help but feel there could be no better place on earth.

One of the goals for this section (more…)