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Plumas County: Tourism Central for Northern California

Feather River Country’s tourism industry is the lifeblood of Plumas County. People travel here from every point in the United States and from around the world. The title above is, at this point, wishful thinking. Tourism is down, which has created a financial debacle for the county, which has resulted in reduced marketing for new and increased tourism.

I am calling on all of Plumas County’s businesses to step up (more…)

What’s To Do

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What Is There To Do In Plumas County?

The list of recreational opportunities in Feather River Country is long and pleasantly exhausting. I have floated on inner tubes, kayaked and swam in many of our creeks and streams, and of course, the great Feather River. I’ve skied at Johnsville, snowmobiled through Meadow Valley and hiked logging roads and trails all over the mountains of the Plumas National Forest.

Maybe one of my greatest memories is (more…)

Plumas Life

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Living The Good Life In Plumas County

I have lived in various towns in Plumas County Since 1957. For the most part, it has been a wonderful life. The economy has suffered here, as it has the rest of the world of late. But every time I look out my window, glide down a street or follow the road along our Feather River and through our Sierra-Nevada mountain range, I can’t help but feel there could be no better place on earth.

One of the goals for this section (more…)

Plumas County History

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Museums and Historical Buildings & Monuments in Feather River Country

Plumas County has a rich and colorful history. I’m not a history buff, but I do appreciate the stories I’ve heard and the museums and other historical locations I’ve visited in Plumas County since 1957.

Please (more…)

Business Opportunities

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Business Opportunities in Plumas County

This is a placeholder page for an article on business opportunities in Feather River Country. What do you expect? I have put this site together in less than 2 days. I’m trying to get all the elements in place, especially the sliding image menu above, so the real work can begin.

Want to help out? You can write an article (more…)

Feather River College

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FRC – Small College, Big Education

Perched on a mountain side forested with pine and oak, Feather River College is tucked away in one of California’s hidden, quiet spots. Bordering Plumas National Forest, the 256-acre campus hosts a variety of wildlife, including a resident deer herd.

Far removed from the bustle of city life, (more…)

Plumas County Government

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Quincy, California: County Seat of Plumas County

Created March 18, 1854. The Spanish originally called one of the tributaries of the Sacramento River El Rio de las Plumas or the “River of Feathers.” The Legislature, in creating this county, gave it the name Plumas because all of the numerous branches of the Feather River have their origins in its mountains.

Plumas County is currently a mostly (more…)