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Community ForumsYears ago, I created community forums where anyone who lived in Plumas County, or wanted to, or just visited here once in a while could discuss anything and everything about Plumas County. It was a website called It was just a little while later that I thought to change the domain name to – the link to which you followed to get to this article. I was pretty new to website development and managing forums, although I worked as support staff on several forums for many years before that. So, life happened and I dropped the ball and the Plumas County Community Forums was shut down after about a year. But I still own the domains and I have way more experience running forums than I did back then – I own my own popular flooring forum and participate on quite a few others, including support forums for website administrators.

Community Forums, the Precursor to Social Media

Would you be interested in a safe place to share your interests in a community forums based website? Forums and message boards were the original social media, long before facebook was a gleam in Mark Zuckerberg’s eyes. There are a lot of similarities to facebook, but there would be some big advantages too. You could upload your photos all you want, share just about anything that interests you and you would not have to see anything that you don’t want to see. Discussions of politics would be allowed, but only in private forums that members expressly requested to be included. Same with religion/spiritual forums. Most forums would not be private, like the humor forums, photography, cooking, local business forums, classifieds, etc. Some forums would have reserved access based on their content, like clubs and organizations might want a forum just for their members. There is also a Personal Messaging system, similar to Messenger on facebook, but you wouldn’t get or be able to send those annoying chain messages.

Free For You, But Not Free For Me

If you are interested in discussing it further, let me know by commenting below, or contact me via email here. The community forums would have a home on my server, which has plenty of power to support it. It would be free to all who visit or join, but you would have to create a member account to participate on it – you can do that manually, or by connecting your facebook account. The software used would be very secure (arguably the most secure forum software available) and offer a LOT of great features. Although everything would be free, I would need help financially because the software isn’t cheap and I can’t afford the initial outlay expenses, which could be about $300.00 (forum software, some essential plugins and a theme package to make it look pretty). I would seek donations occasionally to help pay the overhead, like part of the server rent and yearly software renewal fees.

I am currently using the same software on my flooring forum, if you’d like to check it out: The Floor Pro Community I’ve owned those community forums for almost 12 years. Plumas County Talks would have a different look & feel, but offer the same functionality. If you want to see how it works when you participate, you are welcome to register there and use the forum, or you can contact me and I’ll give you special access so you don’t have to register, but you won’t be able to post messages either (everyone who asks, would share the same VIP account).

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    1. It can be an also, as opposed to either/or. Some people won’t want to give up facebook entirely, but in time, might discover they are spending more time on PCT (Plumas County Talks) than on facebook. Stay tuned and keep the discussion going and we’ll see what develops.

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