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The Cathouse in Quincy

Plumas Animal Welfare Society – the CATHOUSE in Quincy

PAWSThe Plumas Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a private, non-profit cat rescue organization founded in 1999. It was established by a Plumas County resident concerned with the life, health and welfare of felines in and around Quincy, California and all over Plumas County.

With the cooperation of Plumas County Animal Control, PAWS has found families and new homes for over 3,000 cats. These cats and kittens have been adopted into caring responsible homes. Annually, PAWS rescues over 400 cats and kittens. They provide medical care, as needed, immunizations and ensures that all cats over 10 weeks of age are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

The Plumas Animal Welfare Society opened “The Cathouse” Adoption Center in 2001 to expand the scope and professionalism of their rescue efforts. In 2002, they began the Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP). This allows them to distribute spay/neuter discount certificates to Plumas County residents who would otherwise be unable to afford the cost of this surgery for their pets.

PAWS’ plans for the future include expanded spay/neuter campaigns and more humane education programs. These should promote a community awareness of the consequences of our mistakes and carelessness.

PAWS depends on donations from pet lovers. The organization is not funded by any other group or government agency. Contributions are vital to their work and their survival and are fully tax deductible.

PAWS is staffed only by volunteers. There are no salaried employees. They need more volunteers for adoption events, as regular shelter workers and with administrative tasks.

Visit The CATHOUSE at 2453 East Main Street, Quincy, California. You can also call 530.283.5433. If you would like to send a donation in support of PAWS’ efforts, please mail to P.O.Box 125, Quincy, CA 95971. PAWS only rescues from Plumas County Animal Control. No private party surrenders please.

View pictures and information about the available cat and kitten rescues at the Plumas Animal Welfare Society page on

7 thoughts on “The Cathouse in Quincy

  1. Greetings!

    As well as our original to cats a male and female who were rescued cats. My husband and I have been feeding two feral male cats for a long time; [as well as two feral cats at the local mill for the last two years We previously thought we were only feeding one cat].

    Last year everyone thought we’d fixed all the mill cats, people at the mill paid for them individually.
    This summer we found we had an identical twin to one we fixed last year. She is a wonderful mom and takes good care of the two kittens that have survived.

    The two male cats we have need to be Nutered. Someone Kicked each of them to the point of laming both one will be lame for life. The other male has spurts this week of going at the one who is still lame.

    The Mill Mom and her babies need fixed and homes.

    I do not buy the local newspaper at times because I don’t feel I can afford it. My husband is 79 and on a limited income. I make minimum wage as a security officer. We need help on all levels here.

    Thanks! Cris Bailey

  2. My wife and I adopted a cat from Plumas Animal welfare Society in March 22, 2008.
    Her name is Alice, a big black Maine Coon.
    She has been the joy of our hearts and is doing very well. She’s 6 years old now, and lives with us in AZ. She also has 3 other cats as play mates. We could not had gotten a better cat. Being a Maine Coon, she’s 40 inches long and about 20 pounds. Thank you so very much.


    David and Tonda

  3. Hello

    I would like to donate to the Cathouse on a Monthly basis how would i go about doing this , i would like to use Paypal or a credit card to donate , i can also set up a monthly payment through my bank . if i use my bank as a source what would be the correct address to send the payment to on a monthly basis ?

  4. I am not sure if this is an actual comment ,however i live in chester,and know barbara from helping many animals prior,to either find homes or whatever was needed.I know this isnt a site for private releases,but i have a unique problem,my 16yr.old cat died years ago,and didnt have another,but one of my neighbors had many strays around,which a couple i took and got spayed just because couldnt stand more kittens running of the spayed cats,which also is a cat with out a tail(?)has had all shots,good cat,and which i feed any that are without food,but i am in the process of moving to my daughters in OKC within a couple of weeks,have no idea what i can do for this cat.can anyone give me help,my house will be closed up for at least 2 months or longer until i return,god bless,and hope to hear back soon,thank you,Linda amaral

  5. I just got a check/donation returned as I mailed it to the address above. I phoned and was given the POBox. I feel it may be best to put a PObox on your webpage as if it had gotten lost in the mail(which happens all the time) neither one of us would have known and the cats would be the loosers!
    ps Thank you for all that you do. I used to live in Portola and visited you thene.

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